Keep Limbs and Branches Cut Back

Call on us for tree trimming services in Gig Harbor, Artondale, Bremerton, WA, & surrounding areas

Your trees require routine care to remain healthy and beautiful. If you neglect them, overgrown trees can take a toll on your property. Limb It Less Tree Service, LLC offers professional tree trimming services to take care of that.

We'll trim your branches to the preferred length and look for any signs of mold or fungus. We'll also cut back branches that are growing too close to your home or infringing on power lines.

Call 253-232-9291 today to schedule hazardous branch removal services in Gig Harbor, Artondale, WA or surrounding areas.

Protect your property from falling limbs

When residents of Gig Harbor & Artondale, WA need tree trimming services, they turn to Limb It Less Tree Service.

We can help:

  • Improve the health and appearance of your trees
  • Extend the life of your trees
  • Remove safety hazards

Our experience allows us to tackle difficult projects that you might not be able to handle yourself.

Contact us now to arrange for hazardous branch removal services.